She is an observer, feeler and plays well with others however isn’t terribly good at writing bios in third person. 


So, here’s why I love what I do and why we should be friends. 

The last 15 years have enabled me to collaborate with amazing people – creating, developing and evolving small businesses and well-known brands. My work spans from branding and editorial design to art direction and styling. I have a personal quest to find meaning and beauty in creativity however this is only exceeded by my love of 90s music and pavlova. 

I make time for the craft, enjoy experimenting with new and varied techniques and am not scared of getting my hands dirty. I do genuinely love what I do (obvs, that's why I chose it) but what I love most are the people I surround myself with – the meaningful connections and the honest conversations. Personally, you’ll find me binge watching the new Netflix original, drawing one line or dreaming up my forever farmhouse by the water. But enough about me, tell me more about you!